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“Success in this business takes a combination of heart and hustle. You can’t make it only on heart, and you can’t make it only on hustle. You need both.”
——MARTI HAMPTON,全球15强团队领导者,在美国北卡罗来纳州罗利市经营一家RE/MAX门店
“Remember, we all start somewhere. In marketing, focus on one thing and master it before moving on to something else. Building a business is an incremental process; don’t overdo it or you can grow too fast and get overwhelmed.”
——ANDREW DUNCAN,来自美国佛罗里达州坦帕市的RE/MAX DYNAMIC,其团队在2016年获得了全球第七的排名
“If you control the inventory, you control the market.”
“We don’t sell houses. We sell homes where dogs live.”
——DAVE LINGER, 身旁躺着他的爱犬MAX
“Budgeting is looking out the windshield, and a P&L is using your rearview mirror. You need to do both if you’re going to drive well. If you don’t project out the front window, you’re going to fail.”
——财务负责人DAVE RAMSEY,谈及到收益和成本的重要性
“The happiest people wake up every day to hard goals. Not easy goals. Hard goals and short-term leverage goals that help them achieve the hard ones.”
“最快乐的人每天都醒来都执着于艰难的目标,而非容易达成的目标。 艰难的目标和短期内杠杆目标,会帮助他们实现远大的目标。”
“At RE/MAX, as Realtors, your vision is powerful. A vision is like an internal compass. It guides us through good weather and, more importantly, through bad weather. And it tells us where we’re going and why it’s so important we get there. Every great ascent begins with a vision.”
——ERIK WEIHENMAYER,一位盲人冒险家、作家,曾经登上艾佛勒斯峰
“Our No. 1 core value: Authenticity.”
——KRIS LINDAHL,美国10强团队领导者,于美国明尼苏达州布莱恩市经营一家RE/MAX门店
“We are fierce RE/MAX entrepreneurs. When you get home, do one thing different. Take a class online. Take a live class. Set up a one-on-one with your Broker/Owner. Get into a mastermind class. Do something so that you can get a little bit better and grow forward with the rest of us.”
——TAD FULFORD,在美国南卡罗来纳州经营一家RE/MAX门店
“Anyone who is on the fast track to success is learning-based. They’re willing to grow, evolve, change and implement. Period. Those are the people making the money.”
——MANDY FULFORD,在美国南卡罗来纳州经营一家RE/MAX门店
 “We don’t recognize others as real human beings until we see their faces.”
“When you need a professional, and you need someone who gets the job done, who’s that? Is it RE/MAX? Oh Hell yeah!”
——WAYNE BRADY,一名关于RE/MAX的即兴创作歌手


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